About Us

The ARC was established by the Academic Advising Task Force and has five main objectives. They are to:

  1. provide accurate and thorough referral services for students which enhance access to academic advising, counseling, and other student services they seek;
  2. assist advisors in developing a working knowledge of the range of counseling and student services available to students, and answer questions they may have in assisting individual students;
  3. provide a program of coherent and timely training and professional development for campus academic advisors;
  4. collect and maintain data about advising practices nationally and at the university; and
  5. consult with colleges and departments about aspects of good advising practices, recognition and rewards for advisors, and assessment of advising practices.

Academic Advising Task Force II was convened in 2010-2011 and produced a second report identifying additional recommendations for strengthening academic advising at the UA (appendices).

Academic Advising Mission Statement

Contacting the ARC

We can be reached at (520) 626-8667 or advising@email.arizona.edu.


Roxie L. Catts, M.Ed.
Director, Advising Resource Center and
Coordinator of Undergraduate Academic Advising
(520) 626-7988

Jill Hewins, MA
Advising Specialist
Advising Resource Center
(520) 621-1316

Nicole Gonzalez, M.Ed.
Advising Specialist
Advising Resource Center
(520) 626-8667

Office Location

The Advising Resource Center is located at Beal Center, 1st floor.