UAAC Membership Roster

Advising Resource Center
Roxie Catts, Director
(520) 626-7988

College of Letters, Arts, and Science
Leticia Soto-Delagadillo
Executive Director
(520) 621-7763

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Nancy Rodriguez Lorta
Assistant Director, Academic Programs
(520) 621-3611

College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Sasha Wilson
Academic Advisor
(520) 626-4303

College of Education
Sara Knepper
Student Services Coordinator
(520) 621-7865

Eller College of Management
Anne Pagel
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs
(520) 621-2505

College of Engineering and Mines
Marisa Pope-Malings
Academic Advising Coordinator
(520) 626-9605

College of Fine Arts
Norma Ayon
Academic Advising Coordinator
(520) 621-1301

Honors College
Rebecca Field
Assistant Director for Academic Affairs
(520) 621-4262

College of Humanities
Lyn Duran, Director
Academic Advising and Student Services
(520) 621-1048

College of Medicine
Monique Pena, Academic Advisor
Physiology Department
(520) 621-4850

College of Nursing
Stephanie Thiltges
Senior Academic Advisor
(520) 626-3808

College of Public Health
Stephanie Springer
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising
(520) 626-3207

College of Science
Robin Rarick
Director, Advising & Student Services 
(520) 621-8128

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Rachael Ronald
Director Student Engagement and Academic Advising
(520) 621-1392

UA Online
Joshua Steele
Director, Online Student Success
Online Student Services
(520) 621-1579

UA South
Sarah Wieland
Assistant Dean, Academic Advising and Student Services
(520) 458-8278 (ext. 2138)

ASUA Student Representative
ASUA Academic Affairs Director

John Schwarz (Ex Officio)
Professor Emeritus,
Political Science

Betty Atwater (Ex Officio)
Professor Emerita,
Physiology Department