Grade Calculators

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Students and advisors often need to make two general calculations regarding grades: What is the current GPA, and what will it take to get to a desired GPA?

GPA Calculation: 

The GPA can be calculated manually by using a simple point system.  This system is an excellent tool for checking transfer GPAs or for double-checking major and cumulative GPAs that are in UAccess.

A/B Deficit Calculator Description:

The A/B deficit calculator helps determine how many hours, or units, of A or B grades are needed to achieve a target GPA. It is useful for students seeking to obtain advanced standing or be granted good standing status when on academic probation. To find out how many "Units Taken Towards GPA" and total "Total Grade Points" you have earned, go to UAccess and request an unofficial transcript.

Confusion often exists regarding the meaning of the A/B deficit calculation. A student looking to achieve a 2.0 GPA may be told that he or she has a 6-unit B deficit. This means that he or she must earn at least 6 units of B and nothing lower than a C (C being a neutral grade for a 2.0) in order to reach the desired GPA. Similarly, a student with a 6-unit A deficit to reach a 3.0 would need to earn 6 units of A and nothing lower than a B.

The A/B deficit can be manually calculated.  Students who are trying to reach a 2.0 GPA can use the following calculation:

UA "Units Taken Towards GPA" x 2 =
(minus) -  "Total Grade Points"
= B Deficit 
/2 = A Deficit

Similarly, a student may calculate how many units of A are needed to reach a 3.0 GPA by multiplying quality hours by 3 instead of by 2.

Students and advisors have the option of using the following tool to calculate either, (1) the A/B Deficit or (2) the number of units of A or B needed to reach a target GPA.  Just put in the numbers and click on "calculate."  The answer appears immediately at the bottom of the page.
Cumulative U of A Units Taken Towards GPA:
Current Cumulative U of A GPA:
Target Cumulative U of A GPA: