General Education

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General Education

General Education requirements for catalog years 1998 and later follow a University-wide structure common across all colleges. All degree-seeking undergraduate students must satisfy the General Education and Foundations requirements. These requirements include Tier 1, Tier 2 and Foundations courses.

Honors College General Education

Honors students are allowed greater flexibility in the three study areas of Traditions and Cultures/Humanities, Individuals and Societies, and Natural Sciences. Although they will complete the same number of general education courses as non-Honors students, Honors students are able to place a greater emphasis on tier II courses. Details are outlined in the catalog.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Requirements

Courses that satisfy Tier 1 and Tier 2 requirements have been approved by the University-wide General Education Committee.

Foundations Requirements

Foundations requirements include First-year Composition, Mathematics and Second Language. Foundation course requirements vary depending upon degree program and catalog year.

Transfer Courses for General Education

Guidelines have been established regarding the application of transfer courses, including AP, IB and CLEP credits, to General Education requirements.

Substitutions for General Education Courses

Substitutions will be granted only for extraordinary circumstances, and each college has its own policies and procedures for accepting substitutions.

Double Dipping Policy for General Education

The General Education Committee established a policy limiting double-dipping between General Education and the major and/or minor.

General Education for Catalogs 1997 and Earlier

General Education requirements for the 1997 and earlier catalogs varied across colleges and departments. For college-specific general education requirements and courses, view the 1997-1998 Academic Program Requirements Reports (APRR's) for the degree program.